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The Irish and Global Economic Outlook Tuesday 11th September, 2018

The Irish and Global Economic Outlook

Davy, the country's largest stockbroker, wealth manager, asset manager and financial advisor, were the hosts for a very well attended evening on the Irish and Global Economic Outlook in September. 

Conall MacCoille, Davy Chief Economist, (pictured right),  reviewed the Irish economy with a focus on the options and plans for the Government as it prepares for the Budget. Conall previously worked for 8 years as a Monetary Policy Advisor and Senior Economist at the Bank of England and at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

Alan Werlau, Davy Chief Global Strategist, (pictured left),  discussed some of the broader global issues which are impacting markets including Brexit, trade wars and the US Mid-Terms. Alan has over 25 years' experince in asset and investment management, and in advising high net worth clients and global family offices in his previous role at UBS Investment Bank. Alan was also the founder of hedge fund Black Arrow Capital Management and has held previous roles at Deltec Asset Management, Bankers Trust and JP Morgan Chase.   

Our thanks to Davy for hosting a very insightful evening.

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