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The Economic Outlook at DAVY Friday 13th September, 2019

The Economic Outlook at DAVY

MBAAI members and guests enjoyed  a highly informative presentation from experts Davy who reviewed the Irish economy with a focus on the options and plans for the Government as it prepares for the Budget, as well as the broader global issues which are impacting markets including Brexit and trade wars.

Headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London, Belfast, Cork and Galway, the Davy Group is Ireland's leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services.

Chief Economist Conall MacCoille shared his insights on the outlook for the domestic economy, particularly in the light of a possible no-deal Brexit, and was joined by Investment Strategist Stephen Grissing, who spoke from a global investment point of view. 

Our thanks to Davy for hosting this event.

Pictured above are (l to r): Stephen Grissing and Conall MacCoille of DAVY with MBAAI President Ronan Kearns.

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