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Second Thursdays Monday 7th March, 2016

Second Thursdays

Jonathan Olden of Morgan McKinley and Dylan Rainey of Accreate informed of current market trends and why we should partner with an Executive Search consultant. There has been a 10% increase in salary levels comparing 2016 to 2015 and a 37% month on month increase in vacancies in January 2016.  Skills are in short supply in the IT and Finance areas. There is a shift from temporary towards permanent hiring as confidence in the market has returned.

The reasons for partnering with an Executive Search Consultant is that you have professional representation and access to hidden markets.  An Executive Search Consultant can also help with salary negation. They advised that job seekers should go “niche” and choose a consultant who specialises in your area.

They advised that LinkedIn is the most used media used by companies and recruiters to identify employees.  There are over 400 million users of LinkedIn, 2 new members join per second.   LinkedIn is used by all the Fortune 500 companies.

They also advised us on the Do’s and Don’t of Linked In.

Do. Be targeted, consistent and professional.  Add value and be proactive

Don’t spam or use LinkedIn for “Broadcast advertising”.  Don’t connect with people you do not know and don’t post non business related content.

Both presenters were excellent communicators who give useful and practical examples for anyone trying to change careers or seek new employment opportunities. 

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