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According to the Small Firms Association, 26.22% of incapacities for Illness Benefit claims awarded y/e 6th February 2015 were attributed to mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and stress. Such absence cost €128 million in 2014, which could be doubled if indirect costs, such as replacing staff, overtime, medical referrals, absence management and loss of productivity are taken in to account.

Taking a positive proactive approach to mental health and a diverse workforce can lead to great efficiency, innovation and effectiveness and it is crucial that such action comes from the top, whether you are the chief executive, board member or manager. Taking a positive proactive approach yields benefits, for both the company and its customers.

Mentality is a bespoke training and consultancy practice. Each organisation has its own culture and challenges and we work with each client to provide relevant and tailored information and training which the client can use and develop.

The framework required to create a positive mental health culture begins with the policies, practices and procedures that are in place.  This information informs any strategy development and training. We provide guidance in relation to effective policies and how they can be implemented, including the provision of Management Training and Management & Staff Informal Workshops.

I founded Mentality as someone who lives with ongoing depression, and has a valuable insight into how issues around mental health can be best dealt with. I am currently completing my MBA (HRM) researching the area of disclosure and mental ill health in the workplace.

As a See Change Ambassador, I speak publicly about my experience of mental health in business and was honoured to speak at the inaugural launch of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Strategy Statement in City Hall. I have written for The Journal and the IHREC and sit on the Board of the Irish Advocacy Network.

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