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Meeting the Entrepreneurs Friday 2nd November, 2018

Meeting the Entrepreneurs

We were delighted to again team up with the Guinness Enterprise Centre for an inspirational evening on entrepreneurship, with a number of start-ups telling of their ideas, plans, progress and obstacles on the road to success.


Senoptica Technologies has developed groundbreaking technology that will help to address one of the biggest challenges facing the world today - food waste. The company is a very early stage spinout from Trinity College Dublin. We heard from co-founder and MBAAI member Brendan Rice. See


Volograms is on a mission to bring ‘reality capture’ closer to everyone. Its technology uses a set of videos taken from different viewpoints to create volumetric holograms, volograms, that can be enjoyed in virtual and augmented reality. Rafael Pages told us the story of this technology start-up. See

From the floor, Mark Downey - over on a business trip from Budapest - presented his business idea 'Haggl', as did US entrepreneur Tracey Silvers with her business 'Court Next', designed to make courts more efficient.

The event was rounded off with a wine reception.

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