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Meet the Entrepreneurs Sunday 13th October, 2019

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Once again the Guinness Enterprise Centre played host to an inspirational evening on entrepreneurship, with a number of start-ups telling of their ideas, plans, progress and obstacles on the road to success.

Among the speakers was Nigel Phelan of Venari Medical, which are developing a novel medical device for the office-based treatment of chronic venous disease, a condition that affects up to one in three people worldwide.

Alex Martin talked about his fintech company Miura, which represents the future of regulatory compliance, automatically updating a company’s policies, procedures and systems when the regulator makes a change to a regulation.

MBA alumnus Declan Bourke, co-founder of Sport Endorse, spoke about his company conceiving an Airbnb for elite sports people - an online marketplace for brands and sports people to meet.

We also heard from UCD Economics student and serial entrepreneur Mikey Wylde, whose company Progress aims to achieve a commercial solution around the critical issue of cigarette butts by creating a finished upcycled product from the world's most littered item.

The evening also saw launch of Countdown to Launch, authored by past-MBAAI Presidents Liam Fennelly and Greg Devlin. Using business mapping techniques borrowed from MBA programmes and world class incubators, Countdown to Launch provides a three-step, six-week, one goal blueprint for planning a business launch. This new handbook aims to help give start-ups a higher chance of making it beyond the famous five-year survival mark. Currently, less than 50% of all start-ups achieve this. The model has been road-tested in real life to help start-up ventures secure seed funding.

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