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MBAAI tour of Baldonnel Thursday 3rd November, 2016

MBAAI tour of Baldonnel

With Commandant Jay O'Reilly (MBA, DIT) and Captain Mark Hegarty (MBA, UL) as hosts, a small group of MBAAI members were given an exclusive tour of the Casement Aerodrome at Baldonnel. The visit comprises an 'up close and personal'  run-through of armaments at the base, the six helicopters in use and a presentation of how the accompanying gear is deployed for search and rescue, and the Irish Air Corps jet. Members were also given a glimpse inside the Government Lear jet, which is based at Baldonnel.  

Opened in 1917 for the use of the Royal Flying Corps (later Royal Air Force), the aerodrome is the headquarters and the sole airfield of the Irish Air Corps, and is also used for other government purposes. A force of ca 800 is stationed at the base, which even has its own barber shop! 

It was interesting to note from our hosts how the MBA qualification is becoming more prevalent within the force, and is acknowledged as a stepping stone to promotion within the organisation.  

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