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Improving workplace productivity Tuesday 8th March, 2016

Improving workplace productivity

A regular blogger and speaker in the productivity space with an industrial psychology background, Claire has a deep understanding of productivity and how people function optimally in the workplace. She recently spoke at the Invite-Only 2015 Founders Forum at Buckingham Palace. #happywork is her goal. People spend the greater majority of their lives at work, and she wants it to be a satisfying and fulfilling experience every day. 

She is a no-email champion and advocates employees to spend less time on their inbox and more time on the tasks that matter. She also recognises that creativity is becoming an essential skill in the workplace, and that productivity and creativity work hand in hand. 

Some of the topics covered in her presentation  included:

  • How to maximise the hours in your day and work as productively as possible
  • Taking control of your workday
  • Interactive apps and tools that will help you 
  • Developments/trends for workplaces of the future

See her website:

Linked In: 

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