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Hitting your bullseye customer Thursday 9th February, 2017

Hitting your bullseye customer

Gerard Tannam, a strategic planner and brand-builder with Islandbridge Brand Development, has a soft spot for the all-important but often ignored customer.

At his interactive session on March 9th, Gerard drew on his experiences from both sides of the shop-counter to offer a practical and hands-on heads-up on how to bridge that gap between buyer and seller.

Gerard described how business owners typically deploy their brand in order to make them the natural choice of the best customers in their market, but reminded us that the brand plays an equally important role for the customer in helping them to make the right choice. He defined a brand as reflecting the relationship between the buyer and seller, and suggested that great businesses bridge that gap between us and our customers by drawing on the relationship that the brand represents in order to influence choice.

Gerard stressed the importance of identifying the best customers in our market so that we can define ‘our market’ rather than the market in general, and introduced Islandbridge’s proprietary Best Customer Assessment Tool, which defines our best customers as those who ‘need, want and value what we have to offer, and are willing to buy and able to pay for it’.

Gerard has built bridges to market with Topaz Energy, Maldron Hotels, Marathon Sports Travel, The Louis Fitzgerald Group, AIB Private Banking and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

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