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DIT takes MBAAI Strategy Challenge Thursday 15th June, 2017

DIT takes MBAAI Strategy Challenge

The MBA team from DIT is the winner of the 2017 MBAAI Strategy Challenge, which was held recently at the Guinness Enterprise Centre. The team held off the challenge of DCU in a competition based on preparing and presenting a strategic analysis of a case study to a panel of judges drawn from academia and from industry.

The winning team was comprised of Weldon Mather, Anthony Duffy, Ian O'Shea and Dara Elliott. Their mentor was Pat Kenny.

The case was "Rosch Innovations: Preparing the biggest IPO ever." and students were asked to consider the strategy as an investor or a manager in the organisation.


It marks the second year that DIT has won the Waterford Crystal trophy, which was presented by MBAAI President Alacoque McMenamin. She commented: "This challenge tests the incisive analysis, strategic thinking and ability to operate collectively, which are the hallmarks of the MBA graduate - and all in a pressure cooker environment.”

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