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Challenging your Thinking & Raising your Game Monday 7th December, 2015

Challenging your Thinking & Raising your Game

On the 7th of December the MBAAI Southern Chapter hosted an evening with Aodan Enright, founder of the SMARTER EGG Network who delivered an insight into the experience of his regular ‘Quarterly Personal Offsite’ for our members. The off-sites allow for busy high-performing individuals to ensure that time is protected to reflect on their highest priorities every 90 days or so. He was joined by Brad Allen of Simply Effective Coaching and Mentoring.  In general the SMARTER EGG approach is to connect people from across the business spectrums (corporate leaders, solopreneurs, start-up founders, free lancers, SME owners and ambitious professionals) who mix freely and without hierarchy, discussing particular themes, within meaningful contexts.


On the night, after an informal networking opportunity the attendees were broken up into groups. Following an ice-breaker Aodan discussed the merits of a George Box quote “All models are wrong and some are useful” and the value of looking at situations through a ‘lens’.  The attendees worked on identifying the parts of their personal and / or professional life that are important to each individual and where one could focus.  Attendees had an introduction to the “Wheel of Change” framework from Marshal Goldsmith (an influential business thinker ) from his book “Triggers: Creating Behaviour That Lasts--Becoming the Person You Want to Be”.  This evening with Aodan proved to be a good opportunity for our members to experience the value of taking time out to reflect, to think about ones goals and the merits of taking a different perspective than one may usually be familiar with.

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