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Best business reads of 2016 Tuesday 13th December, 2016

Best business reads of 2016

For our Christmas 2nd Thursday event in the Clayton Ballsbridge, Irish Times business book reviewer Frank Dillon was once again invited to share his recommended reads from 2016.

Here is his selection:

Jobs to be done by Stephen Wunker, Amacom

Dancing at the Fountain by Conor Kenny, Oak Tree Press

Created in China by George Haouer, Bloomsbury

Good charts by Scott Berinato, HBR Press

The Three Box Solution by Vijay Govindarajan, HBR Press

From Bags to Blenders by Gordon Black, Icon Books

The reputation economy by  Michael Fertik, Piatkus.

The Stupidy Paradox by Mats Alvesson, Profile Books

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules by Jeremy Miller, Profile Books

The Great Brexit Swindle by T. J Coles, Clairview

Leading with integrity, a practical guide to business ethics by Ros O’ Shea , CAI

Think like an innovator by Paul Sloane, Pearson


(The list is in no particular order but when pressed Frank cited Jobs to be done as particularly insightful.) 

A similar event was scheduled for Cork but due to unforeseen circumstances had to be postponed. It is expected to take place in early 2017.   

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