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Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Executive MBA

Our MBA Program transforms individuals, who in turn go on to transform their organisations. The faculty who deliver on the MBA programme are exceptional research-led academics. This research also focuses on discovering the most powerful ways to train new leaders, and putting those ideas into practice in our curriculum.

As an MBA student you will develop skills and learn concepts that will accelerate your career, serving you throughout your professional life. The programme is about personal accomplishment, new insights and frameworks for thinking, about building stronger skills, expanding horizons, good governance and leadership in a challenging corporate environment.

The Workload

This is an intensive programme, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and peer-to-peer learning. So once you commence the programme your fellow students will be relying on
you. While it is designed for people with lives, families and challenging professional commitments, the programme is demanding. During term time contact is nine hours per week, usually scheduled on Thursday after lunch and evening and Saturday mornings. Semester one runs from September to January and semester two runs from late January until May. Please note that WIT continually improves and refines curricula, structure and delivery schedules.


The capstone of this programme is the dissertation, as independent piece of research undertaken with supervision in the third semester. There is considerable scope in the choice of subject areas by the candidate and the research method employed. In addition to developing the participant's ability to undertake independent research, the dissertation aims to integrate the theoretical and practical elements of the programme learning. It is envisaged that work on this dissertation will begin during the Business Research & Analysis subject in year 1 and that students will produce research proposals for each student. Each student is then given a supervisor who guides them through the remainder of the dissertation.

The Classroom

Beyond the curriculum, the lasting residue of the MBA experience is a network of academics, researchers, practitioners and above all fellow MBA journeymen. The interactive learning environment, with its emphasis on participation and contribution, creates an exciting stimulating environment. MBA education at WIT Business School is deliberately intended to be a life-changing experience, one that will shape your professional identity and influence your thinking for the rest of your life.

"...the interaction with other programme participants from a wide variety of disciplines and industries significantly added to my learning experience"            
Kieran Kenealy, MD ABB Transformers


Career Opportunities

The EMBA is a springboard to virtually any type of career—and the process starts long before you earn your degree. The School offers an extensive array of tools and services to help define your strengths and interests, research appropriate opportunities, connect with organisations and alumni who can assist, and find the right place for you. Past graduates have used the programme to enhance promotional prospects and to change into new careers, with opportunities in both the private and public sectors, from business development, financial services, international marketing, brand management, analysts' roles and the educational sector. The career path chosen by course participants can be enhanced by the research focus adopted for their dissertation.

Application Process

There is no single formula for a successful applicant. Candidates are evaluated for their achievements, their potential, and the fit between what they aspire to achieve and what our MBA Program has to offer. If you believe that the EMBA may be right for you, we encourage you to get all the information that you need to apply to our program.

Specifically we look for

A degree or equivalent. In some cases where managers have exceptional experience (of at least 10 years), an application will be considered
Minimum age of 23 years
At least three years of relevant business experience
A satisfactory GMAT score
Satisfactory performance at an admission interview

How to apply

All applications proccessed through

For More Information

 Executive MBA programme brochure

Dr Tom Egan
Programme Director 
t. +353-(0)51-302426

Prof. Denis Harrington
Head of Graduate Business 
t. +353-51-302424