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Griffith College Dublin (GCD) MBA


The Graduate Business School at Griffith College provides programmes in International Business at MSc and MBA levels in full time and part time modes. These programmes prepare graduates for the world of International business by providing an educational experience which is strongly vocational, academically rigourous and intellectually challenging- a key stepping stone to a career in International business management.

Every class is an opportunity to explore, to learn and to question. The lecturing team believes in an interactive teaching style that encourages students to make significant contributions and presentations in class. This promotes the exchange of ideas as well as building confidence. International case studies form the basis of group discussions in turtorials and individual group assignments. Bearing in mind the on-going dynamic nature of the International Business environment, the Graduate Business School will introduce and analyse the latest research and industry developments, with student participation. This information is particulaly useful for group assignments, presentations and independent research projects.