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AGM / Review of  the Business Year Date of Event: 24/01/2019

AGM / Review of the Business Year

The Association' s AGM will take place on Thursday, 24th January 2019 at 6.30pm in the RDS Dublin. There is limited parking available. 

We encourage members to attend.


1. Adoption of Standing Orders (Chair)
2. Minutes of AGM 2018 (PE)
3. President's Report (AMcM)
4. Secretary’s Report (PE)
5. Treasurer's Report (AMCM)
6. Appointment of Auditors (NOD)
7. Determination of Annual Subscription Fee (AMcM)
8. Election of Board  (AMcM)
9. Any Other Business (PE)

Voting at the AGM is restricted to full paid up members of the Association.

Following the AGM,  we are delighted to welcome Samantha McGaughran, Business Editor of the Sunday Independent, to provide a Review of the Business Year 2018.  

Event booking details:

Cost to attend: €0.00 (23 Available)