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AGM/EGM/ Talk on Cryptocurrencies Date of Event: 25/01/2018

AGM/EGM/ Talk on Cryptocurrencies

Taking place at 6.45pm on Thursday, 25th January 2018, the Association’s AGM and EGM will be followed by a talk on Cryptocurrencies by Blockchain expert Flavien Charlon.

Flavien, CTO of Trezeo, and previously founder of Coinprism, a Blockchain technology start-up, will provide an overview of the cryptocurrency environment, and give his thoughts on the likely future impact of Bitcoin/Blockchain on business.

Venue is the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8, and a wine reception will round off the event. Parking is available at the centre (directions at 



1. Adoption of Standing Orders (Chair)
2. Minutes of AGM 2017 (PE)
3. President's Report (AMcM)
4. Secretary’s Report (PE)
5. Treasurer's Report (NOD)
6. Appointment of Auditors (NOD)
7. Determination of Annual Subscription Fee (AMcM)
8. Election of Board (AMcM)
9. Any Other Business (PE)

An EGM will be called after the AGM to adopt the new Constitution of the Association, which has been revised in accordance with the new Charities Act. A copy is available to download here, as is an explanatory note.

In the event you are unable to attend, please complete the proxy forms for AGM and EGM respectively (attached). 

Please also find attached the AGM agenda and standing orders

Members are invited to bring along a guest for the evening, but please note that voting at the AGM/EGM is restricted to full paid up members of the Association.

Kind Regards,

Patricia Ennis

Company Secretary

on behalf of the Board

MBA Association Ireland

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